Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Sold the two scarves I have listed on Etsy and another one before it was even listed! And the buyer wants to buy four more. SO. Time to dig into the stash. The Lilac top is going into hibernation and I'm starting with the fun fur yarn. This will be fun and crazy - my mother made me a black & white scarf out of this yarn, and I love it. It doesn't look very substantial, but it's very very warm and feels good on my skin. So I hope whoever ends up with it loves it.

The buyer makes gift baskets for sale at craft fairs, and she's putting my cards into the baskets with the scarves, so this is promotion and sales at once. I gave her a pretty good discount since this is more of a wholesale sale than a retail sale, and because it will hopefully generate some traffic on my Etsy site.


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Alisha said...

Did you know I had a blogger account?

Me neither. >.> I hit "comments" and it told me my name. I should look into this!

Anyway, I'm /so/ thrilled for you and your scarves. They're gorgeous; all I can think is that these must be some pretty upscale gift baskets this woman makes, and that she's gonna stick your card in there is just aces. Yay for you!