Sunday, August 5, 2007


i was washing dishes about a half-hour ago, and cut the blazes out of my right thumb with the blade of the food processor. it was dripping blood before i lifted my hand out of the dishwater... i expected the butter, garlic, and bleu cheese that was on the blade to make it sting, but it didn't. the blade was really sharp, so it didn't hurt, really; i knew i'd done it, but that was it.

i can type because i'm used to hitting the space bar with the knuckle of my thumb... but work tomorrow is going to suck. well, maybe not too bad - i just tried out the keypad, and i hit the 0 with my knuckle, too... but sorting through stacks of paper will be a pain in the rear.

and knitting? hah. any pressure on it, and it starts dripping again. i cleaned it out really well with peroxide and soapy water, and have a bandaid on it pretty tightly, but it's going to be sore tomorrow. i hope this heals up soon.


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