Saturday, August 4, 2007


Or, knitting under the influence.

Great time to start a new project, eh? I spent the afternoon studying for the CPA exam, and tonight, I had a cider (Woodchuck) with dinner. Which meant no more studying, that's for sure, and no work on the Little Lilac Top. I'm waiting to hear what the pros say tomorrow at Knit Wits, so it's okay not to work on it again just yet.

Well, I have this ball of Patons Classic Merino in the Regency colorway (am I using that term properly??), let's see what I can come up with.
I poked around on Ravelry, and earlier, I had seen a friend's pattern that used seed/moss stitch. I really enjoyed using that stitch on the BBBB, so I decided to just crank something out. Along with opening another bottle of cider.

So far, I have 1o rows of 30 sts of seed stitch, and just finished another 10 rows of a K2/P1//P2/K1 rib pattern on top of that. I'll just keep going with the 10-10 pattern and see what happens.

And have another cider ;-)

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