Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer travels

Trips are one of my favorite ways to accomplish a lot of knitting goals. The recent trip for a family reunion was a perfect example. We have a few more trips coming up, and I'm looking forward to finishing more projects while we are in the air or on the road. The body of my Sonnet is almost halfway finished! At knitting tomorrow night, I'll have one of the more experienced knitters, KD, help me make sure I'm accomodating the sideways stretch that will inevitably happen. I've already cut out two inches and think I may be able to cut out another inch in the center of the back.

With the crazy heat we've had recently, it's been hard to do outdoor projects. Bradley is fixing a toilet tonight, and hopefully soon we'll have the pool up and running. We have a quote from a pool guy, and we're just waiting on upcoming paydays so we can have the cash to fund the operations. Carlina's sunflowers have been blooming beautifully; she's been lopping off the flowers and bringing them in for us to enjoy.

Well - I think I'm getting some dirty looks so I should get going on my chores (one of which is quite enjoyable - knitting some more on my Sonnet!!)

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