Monday, June 1, 2009

Heat & wool socks.

Yes, I'm mixing the two. Bad, bad, bad. However, since the A/C is fixed, it's not so bad to be inside and knitting with wool. The first of the two socks is almost done - I began the toe decreases last night. I don't find the pattern very impressive until the sock is on my foot - then I love the rib!

The Branching Out is coming along nicely. I have about 165 rows or so of it done. One of my internet friends makes gorgeous little flower pins - for both hair and brooches. I ordered a few from her, and I have a perfect mental image of wearing the Branching Out pinned with a lovely grey flower pin she designed.

Spent the weekend slaving over the pool. Not sure if the water is in balance, but the clarity is much improved. I vacuumed some of the debris off the bottom, and Bradley is out there now checking the Kreepy Krawler to see if it works. [Typing that really makes my skin crawl, but that's the actual brand name, so whatever.] I've just been requested to cook dinner, so off I go!

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