Thursday, April 30, 2009

To Do List

Tonight's to do list includes...
  • dealing with cat litter duty
  • confirming plans with the husband to visit family
  • gym time with the girls
  • dose the felines with Revolution
  • put inboxes from home into car to take to work
  • and knit.

Current commission list:

  • Socks for niece (almost done! finished the heel turn last night and will work on the gussets tonight. These will be a gift.)
  • Finish socks for sister (the whole too-tight cuff; also a gift.)
  • Coworker LPF: 2 pr baby booties - 1 girl (pink & lavender) and 1 boy (light blue & navy) [priced at $7.50 each; discounts start at 3 pair]
  • Coworker EMG: 2 pr baby booties - 2 girl (colors to be confirmed) [same price as above]

Commissions to confirm:

  • Coworker DDV: baby booties; will discuss over drinks Friday after work [price depends on quantity and yarn desired]
  • Socks for friend LB. She will be coming over with another friend Friday evening for Wii bowling so I will show her sock yarns I currently have and let her pick yarn and pattern. [price depends on yarn and pattern but will probably start at $10. Need to check on price charged to friend in winter to stay consistent.]

One more payment on my Citi credit card and then I can close that account!!! I'm so pleased.

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