Saturday, April 11, 2009

near the end

The end of this busy season has been really difficult and challenging. The firm I work for has made some changes that impacted our benefits and thus our motivation. Previously, the overtime we work in the spring is given back to us as paid time off in addition to our normal vacation allowances; if we chose not to take the time, we would see a significantly larger bonus. The change has completely revamped that system in such a way that it's nearly impossible to see a direct effect of our overtime. Why should I work so hard and so long in the spring if they won't tell me the benefits I get in return? I either want the money or the time, and right now, it looks like they're not giving us either. If I'm giving up time out of the prime of my life, I expect to be compensated for it. I do NOT want to be like the majority of the current partners here - all they do is work and work. There is MORE TO LIFE than work! I don't live to work - I work to live. I work so I can have money to go do things with my friends and family. I work so I can pay for a great house and a beautiful pool that I ENJOY. What do they do? They pay for their damn houses and barely get to use them or enjoy them.

I miss my knitting girls so much. I miss lazy spring Saturday afternoons by the pool drinking beer. I hate feeling bad for leaving work at 5:30 on Bradley's birthday so I can go spend his birthday evening with him. I hate not having the time to find the perfect gift for my mother. I hate not being able to take off work on my birthday.

Something has to change.

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