Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well. Welcome to post-4/15 world. I can breathe again; I can leave work during daylight hours; I can knit again!!!

Current WIP listing:
  • baby blanket commissioned by coworker - absolute top priority!
  • socks for my niece
  • re-doing the cuff of my sister's socks
  • Branching Out for me
  • Sonnet for me
  • baby booties just commissioned by a coworker last night (need to e-mail her to finalize the details)
  • another hat & scarf set for my girl Becky (she lives in PA)
  • and some other friends who want socks.

I was reading something yesterday that helped me be more at peace with my Branching Out - I was concerned because it seems so undefined. The pattern author was talking about lace patterns and how sometimes the lacework can look like such a mess until it's blocked - and then, wow, amazing, the pattern reveals itself. I am looking forward to seeing it finished up.

I plan to do some serious knitting this weekend. Plant my round ass on the couch, watch some TV, drink some beers, and KNIT. Hmmm... I wonder if it is possible to bike on the trainer and knit at the same time... Hmmm...

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