Monday, June 2, 2008

Etsy listings

I listed another scarf on Etsy last night and have another one ready to list tonight. I spent some time last night updating my Ravelry page (I'm amour over there) with projects. There's one more scarf I need to photograph; it's the one I made for my brother's birthday. I spent a decent amount of time knitting yesterday in between chores. Caught up on a bunch of shows I'd DVR'd, got my apartment mostly cleaned up, spent some time with the kitties...

And then the A/C went out.

Yeah. I live in Florida. The high yesterday was 94F. The temperature inside jumped from 75 to 83 in about 30 minutes. The husband is out of town on a work trip, so I tried everything I could think of plus whatever I could find with Google with no luck. Even calling the emergency maintenance didn't help: "Oh, we can't make it out tonight, but we'll be there first thing tomorrow morning." Slept with the bedroom windows cracked and all the fans on high to circulate the air... when I called the apartment office this morning, the sweet older lady that works there (actually, she's a firecracker when necessary) got all bent out of shape that they didn't come out last night. I was just concerned about my cats; we humans can get down to shorts and bathing suit tops, but Pax & Skye can't exactly take off their fur coats. I was very relieved when I got home after work and the A/C was fixed. I'll call tomorrow and see what they did to fix it.

So, stay tuned for more adventures in Melody's knitting and HVAC world!

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