Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Slammed summer

Well - I'm in the crazy part of summer. Many of my friends and coworkers have birthdays this month, and it's the last full month before the September 15th deadline. Which means that my stress level increases dramatically!

I'm so close to finished with my Sonnet but I have run out of yarn YET AGAIN. I'm very close to finishing the second sleeve, but have another 2-3 inches at least on it, plus all of the seaming to do. (Insert groaning & moaning here.) Thankfully, Ravelry has saved me YET AGAIN. I am so grateful for the kind-hearted knitters out there willing to sell me a skein or to mail me their remnants of the same dye lot. Next time, I will do a much better job of calculating how much yarn I need for a project.

I need to get working on the socks for my family members. Christmas is coming!

Well - I gotta get back to work; just needed to think about something unrelated for a minute or two to clear my head.

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