Monday, August 17, 2009

Home stretch

I am so close to finished with the Sonnet! The last package of yarn arrived in the mail late last week, and after all the birthday parties, I was finally able to wind up a ball and graft it in Sunday afternoon. I am so so SO grateful for my fellow Ravelers! I've reached the top of the second sleeve; for about an inch or two, I simply knit - no increases or decreases. The decreases go quickly once they begin. I'm finally home for the day after my evening Pilates class, so I think I'm going to make a small bag of popcorn, turn on a DVR'd TV show, and FINISH THIS SWEATER! Hahahaha. OK. I will start seaming tomorrow - but the KNITTING will get done TONIGHT!

Then I can order the yarn for all the socks I have in my queue and work on knitting up some goodies for the Sirens. :D

Ahhhh life.

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