Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ravellenic Games 2012

I knit Merope for the Ravellenic Games this summer.  I used Malabrigo sock yarn in Ravelry Red - how appropriate!  Check it out here.

I wound the last skeins of yarn for the Stripe Study Shawl.  The yarn I chose was, again, Malabrigo sock.  I'll use black for the main color, and then Abril and Archangel for the contrasting colors.  I have two skeins of each color, so I will be able to make a nice, cozy wrap.

Abril skein 1 - 103.5 grams
Abril skein 2 - 104.5 grams
Archangel skein 1 - 101.5 grams
Archangel skein 2 - 103.0 grams
Black skein 1 - 104.0 grams
Black skein 2 - 104.0 grams

I'll be using Signature circulars in size 5 US.

In other projects... I'm almost out of yarn on my Percy.  My dear friend KD the Second has given me some lovely yarn that looks nearly identical to my Bamboo & Ewe.  If the feelers I've put out on Ravelry don't produce, I have some ideas on how to incorporate this lovely gift into my shawl.  I've really enjoyed using beads on this shawl instead of the nupps; the look is much more appealing to me.

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