Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to "normalcy"

Or as normal as my life gets!

April 15th has passed for another year. B and I spent the weekend in Fort Myers Beach, and ate more amazing Dungeness crab at the Smokin' Oyster Brewery. Before we drove down, we spent Friday afternoon at Orlando's own Gatorland! I had a lot of fun; science and nature are so interesting to me, and when you throw in kitsch and self-mockery, I have an even better time. B bought us the package that includes feeding the gators, riding on the train around the park, and doing the rookie wrangling! Yes, friends & readers, I SAT ON AN ALLIGATOR. Would you like to see proof?? Well, the fact that I'm typing with one hand should be proof enough, but --- ohhh. Photographic proof? Ohhhhkay, I guess I can do that...



Knitting, what's that?? Oh yeah. That thing I do with needles and yarn. I'll have pictures of that on Thursday. I'm exhausted and heading to bed.


craftosaurus said...

Hooray for getting through April 15! And for alligators, I guess. You're braver than I am. :)

amour said...

Ha! Well - you only live once, right?