Thursday, December 3, 2009


.... I do not has them. A puppy has eaten them!!!

He's gone from a tiny little lapful to a total lapful. His name is Captain Jack and he is a total boob pirate.

Oh wait, did I say that out loud??

Definitely not a dog person. Definitely not a kid person. My temper is too hot, and it's just ... I'm not ready for the 24/7/365 commitment.

And I hate the time suck away from my knitting!

I knit three washcloths for my mother for Christmas and packaged them up with some wonderful Burt's Bees soaps and hand salve. I made a neato flowered shirt for my oldest niece, based on a Martha Stewart wedding pattern...
She's a minor, so I've hidden her pretty young face from all the internet creeps! I made hair ties for the two younger nieces in pretty purples ----

WHOA something else I'm not used to is the MALODOROUS STENCH that emits from this dog's rump!!! I think I am going to VOMIT. ARGH!!!! He's worse than Bradley!

Anyways. So, all the knitting for Christmas gifts is done; now I can get back to knitting on my daddio's socks. I've finished the second sock's star chart, so now I get to zip through the rest of the sock. YAY!


Pyroclasm Jones said...

"Boob pirate."

Awesome. Nice pics, thank you. :)

kattie said...

Puppy and a Boston too!!! OOooh the cuteness. But yeah, they are a handfull at first.