Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Art shows

I've participated in two art shows to date, but no luck with sales. I'm about to log on to Etsy and cut my prices dramatically. I need the cash, and inventory isn't moving.

Thankfully, the show tonight produced a lot of interest. One woman in particular was very interested in the scarf LPF commissioned for her sister. She's supposed to e-mail me tomorrow to inquire about other colors for a gift for her niece. I have to block LPF's scarf tomorrow night after dinner with my girlfriend LB.

Projects in the queue:
- Ribbed SWS scarf
(need to block, list on Etsy)
- LPF's scarf (need to block, list on Etsy)
- MAS' socks
- ERH's socks
- GEH's socks
- Branching out (for me)
- Sonnet (for me)

I'm a little bent out of shape about some personal stuff, so I'm going to close this entry and hopefully have something more pleasant to say Friday or Saturday.

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